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Company Culture

What is Company Culture?

A company culture is a collection of self-sustaining patterns of behaving, feeling, and thinking that determine the way we do things around a company, it is a personality of a company; it includes a variety of elements like environment in which employees work, company's mission, value, ethics, expectation and goals, great company culture is almost expected along with other traditional benefits.

Company Culture

How to build a great company culture?

A great company culture can make your employees enjoy their work, a culture can make or break a company, many companies fail to build a great company culture. Culture is incredibly important because it sets everything like the interaction of early team with a new employee, how customers are treated. here I mentioned some steps to create a great company culture;

1. Create a culture that meets your core values:

A company have or provide value to the world, and every company has its core value statement; every employee should know about core values of that company they are working for without a core value statement a culture can't thrive. A company culture that meets your core values inspires employees.

To create a culture that aligns with your core value you should know about who you are what your company does. Otherwise, you build a great company culture.

2.Create a culture where feedback is open 

Making open feedback a part of your company culture is an essential part of continuously improving, growing and scaling as a company. To create an open feedback culture first you have to ask feedback from your employees on how to give open and honest feedback you can also use feedback platform like TINY plus have a regular town-hall meeting, ask questions during a project and ask for suggestion to improve a project.

3. Emphasis on work-life Balance.

Work-life balance is a concept that supports the efforts of employees to split their time efforts of employees to split their time and energy between work and the other important aspects of their lives. Employees rate flexible scheduling and greater vacation allowances as the top two items that would make them happier at their current company and while some organization may frown upon using vacation times you can encourage a healthy work-life balance by emphasizing employee wellness either through flexible scheduling or other programs like classes or incentives that promote employee health.

4. Leadership for company culture

Many leaders focus on hiring, searching for talented and smartest people, but this is not always the key to success. This could lead to an environment where the employee feels the need to look talented and smart all the time, so they will avoid failure at all costs. This is a fixed mindset culture, on the other hand, positive leaders build a culture that values human development and have a strong love for learning. They believe that Intelligence and Creativity can be cultivated. Through intentional effort and practice. This is a growth mindset culture.

This is some steps to build a great company culture.

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